6 Dentistry Procedures You Should Know About

The amazing thing about developments in modern dental technology is that you can always have a healthy, beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a dentist’s specialty that concentrates on enhancing the look of your smile while also improving your dental health to get optimum results for the patient. Cosmetic dentistry will make you look and feel better.

Common Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dental care is a professional dental treatment concentrating on making your teeth appear better. And, while aesthetic dentistry procedures are usually considered elective instead of necessary, some treatment instances provide restoring benefits. Discover the most common procedures and how they work.

1. Inlays and Onlays

A dental lab performs this cosmetic dentistry technique, generally known as indirect fillings. They are used when a tooth does not have enough structure to sustain a dental filling or has mild to moderate decay. If the tooth cusps are undamaged, the inlay is positioned straight on the tooth surface. When the cusp or a larger tooth area is damaged, your dentist may use an onlay to cover the entire tooth surface.

2. Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can restore decaying, damaged, or defective teeth using a material resembling dental enamel’s shade. Your dentist drills out the decay, then use the composite to the tooth’s surface and “sculpts” it into the desired form before curing it with a high-intensity laser.

This treatment, also known as “bonding,” efficiently covers the tooth’s damage and offers the look of a healthy tooth in its place. For people with tooth decay, damaged or chipped teeth, or worn-down edges, bonding is one of the most reasonably priced cosmetic dental care procedures.

3. Dental Veneers

Like dental veneers in NC, they are customized crowns that fit over your natural teeth and are often made of medical-grade ceramic. They appear extremely realistic and can correct a variety of cosmetic issues, including crooked teeth, cracked or damaged enamel, and obvious gaps between two teeth. The dentist uses dental adhesive to put the veneer on each tooth’s front. 

4. Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is among the most widely preferred procedures performed by cosmetic dentists. It can be performed in a single visit to your dentist’s office, like in a dental clinic in Raleigh, NC.  The dental hygienist will clean up plaque, tartar, and debris from the surface of each tooth, restoring its natural look. After that, the teeth can be bleached to make them appear lighter than they are.

Teeth have gotten discolored and worn over time because of food, alcohol, medication, and personal behaviors such as smoking. Whitening covers the teeth and can be done at the dentist’s office or house. Patients can likewise use toothpaste to get similar results in one to two weeks. This product whitens teeth by more than three shades in two weeks and attains optimal results in four weeks.

5. Implants

Teeth lost by tooth removal or damaged are replaced with dental implants. To sustain a crown, a small titanium screw is put into the jaw at the site of the missing tooth. These implants are nearly undetected from the surrounding natural teeth. The dental implant is firmly fixed after the bone and supporting tissue fuse. Patients must maintain good dental hygiene during the implant installation procedure and afterward to remove plaque and food debris from the area.

6. Invisalign Braces

The majority of individuals think braces are only for kids. Still, many adults have braces to attain the smile they’ve always desired. Adults can gain from Invisalign braces because no one can tell you’re using them! Dental braces aren’t just for looks. This dental surgery can treat misalignments that cause pain, such as chronic headaches. The advantages make this surgery worthwhile.