Benefits of Dentistry From a Biological Dentist

Biology-based dentistry is an innovative strategy that prioritizes preventative care and alternative treatments for oral and whole-body health. It is not a good idea to undergo invasive procedures like mercury, other toxic chemicals, or medicines that cause negative consequences.

The Biological dentist can help you prevent the illness’s onset or progress through diet adjustments and non-pharmaceutical therapies. They also treat less well-known systemic disorders rooted in poor dental health.

A biological dentist can provide patients with customized care tailored to their specific dental requirements. You’ll enjoy all of the benefits of conventional dentistry without any adverse side results. They will ensure that each material suits the body’s chemical makeup.

Benefits of Biological Dentistry

The popularity of biological dentistry is increasing as a dental technique as more and more people become aware of the advantages of holistic dentistry. With an emphasis on employing natural dental products that are not harmful biological dentistry blends the procedures used in conventional dental practices. This technique is based on the idea that dental toxins can impact your health. Visit the Houston Biological Dentist website for additional information.

Mercury-Free Dental Materials

Mercury is the most noteworthy of the hazardous elements found in dental fillings and other crown-related materials. Mercury is the major component of the amalgam commonly known as silver fillings. Unwanted autoimmunity reactions have been associated with mercury poisoning.

Because amalgam fillings can cause adverse reactions for some people, Biodentistry avoids using them. Biocompatible cavities fillings, such as ceramic composites, dental porcelain dental gold, zirconium, and glass ionomer, are alternatives to amalgam fillings. 


Biodiversity dentists are not the most likely to employ fluoride. While research has shown that fluoride prevents and treats teeth decay (cavities), it is a neurotoxin in the event of consumption.

The adverse effects of fluoride poisoning, both acute and chronic, are of rising concern. In the first year of life, fluoride exposure can increase children’s chances of being diagnosed with ADHD or autism. Additionally, the children’s IQ scores have declined when they live in areas with fluoridated waters.

Focus On Whole-Body Health

The goal of biological dentists is total body wellness. They focus on how your oral health affects your whole.

The knowledge that poor oral hygiene can cause almost every systemic disease is essential. Dental specialists trained in biology seek a link between poor oral health and general wellness.

Focus on Prevention

Biological dentists’ principal goal is to prevent dental and overall health problems. These dentists prefer to identify risk factors and treat the issue with conservative actions before it becomes severe enough to warrant undesirable treatments instead of being pushed into a corner to respond to an oral health issue.

Traditional dentists frequently consider it better to apply fluoride to a tooth to cure a cavity instead of teaching patients how to develop it. The most effective method for biological dentistry is prevention. See here for more details.

Natural and Least Invasive

Biological dentists prefer the least surgical techniques and treatments that are natural. They only employ dental tools that won’t adversely influence oral health or overall well-being.

The process of dental treatment can be very traumatizing and can have unexpected consequences. Biological dentistry favors gentle, non-traumatic procedures, including lasers and ozone treatment.

Uses Ozone Therapy

It is a gentle technique employed by bio-dentists to rid your mouth and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Ozone can cleanse surfaces, kill germs and reduce chronic inflammation.

The immune system can be activated and cleansed by Ozone. Biological dentists apply Ozone treatment to the affected areas in a manner that won’t harm you or the environment.

It is never too late to get gingivitis treatment. The eradication of unhealthy tissue using laser methods is essentially painless. Periodontal pockets can be better sanitized using laser and ozone treatment.