A Guide to Family and Emergency Dentistry

A Guide to Family and Emergency Dentistry

A family dentist and an emergency dentist are certified to assist people who require dental treatment, whether for essential routine maintenance or immediate issues. Each dentist, however, varies in a few ways. Understanding how these two dentists are different from each other could be helpful to anyone who needs clarification regarding which dental expert to visit when in need of care. Continue reading to learn more about the vital distinctions between the two dentists. Everything is laid out for you here!

What is a family dentist?

Most family dentists have at least some training in working with children. This indicates that family dentistry is designed to help you take care of your oral health requirements and those of your kids at every stage of life. An excellent family dentist is qualified to deliver specialized treatment to guarantee that children’s particular oral hygiene needs are satisfied since they know that children’s dental needs vary from those of adults.

Family Dentistry Services

Most family dentists provide preventive care and oral hygiene procedures, although some may include orthodontics, oral surgery, dental implants, and cosmetic dental care. The most common services are as follows:

  • Regular cleanings and examinations every six months
  • Cavity examinations and fillings
  • Dental sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Orthodontics
  • Treatment for gum condition

What is an emergency dentist?

A dentist who can handle oral health crises is known as an emergency dentist. Walk-in patients would often receive quick treatment at emergency dentists. They may set up a consultation the same day an oral health emergency occurs. Check out this top emergency dentistry service in Shelby.

Emergency dentists are competent in promptly diagnosing the problem and deciding what action to take to address it. An emergency dentist is trained to treat patients immediately, compared to a regular dentist who may find it challenging to schedule a consultation on the same day dental care is required.

Emergency Dentistry Services

The ability of an emergency dentist to deal with a wide range of demands is one of their finest qualities. Generally speaking, an emergency dentist is often most suited to handle any oral health issue requiring prompt treatment from a dentist because they can offer the fastest treatment. A dentist on call for emergencies can handle some oral health problems more frequently than others. An emergency dentist often offers the following services:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • A dental abscess
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Lost crown or dental filling

They Often Work for Your Benefit Hand in Hand

It’s a massive benefit if your family dentist offers emergency dental care, too. Consultation with a dentist who is familiar with and has access to your dental records is advantageous. When your regular dentist does not provide emergency dental care, you may expect the emergency dentist to get in touch with them after taking care of your immediate needs.

This is so that after providing you with urgent assistance, emergency dentists would commonly advise continuing care. Your regular dentist receives the notification of the emergency and will be tasked with assisting in your recovery once they have all the pertinent information. Visit websites like https://discoverydentalshelby.com/ for reliable facilities.


There are instances when you can hold off until your family dentist’s office opens. Other times, you need urgent assistance. A need for emergency dentistry arises when you can not handle unbearable pain at home. You should contact one of the nearby emergency dentists and deal with the situation immediately. The bottom line is that you should seek immediate dental care as soon as possible if the discomfort or injury is so intense that you don’t think waiting until tomorrow is an option.